Retreat, regroup and .....

A few days ago I received an alert email from my site monitoring services saying my blog had gone missing with the error message "server not found". I checked and found that the hosting company suspended my site for "malicious activity". Oh dear, since when a photo blog had become a malicious website and how could I had to set up some "malicious activity" if I had not login to my site for months already. Couldn't reason with that guy he seemed very unhappy over the issue and not answering any further email from me. Now I am locked out from my blog and my server's control panel. 

I started some rethinking of what is the best course of action from here on. There is no point beating a dead horse so if we were to continue with the photo blog a new hosting or a new blog platform plus a rebuild of the website is required.  Well, what are the options for me?

First option is to move my site to another hosting company and continue with Wordpress. I am not very comfortable with this because Wordpress needs a lot of administrative work. Wordpress is also becoming  a magnet for black-hats and hackers basing on visitors' stat from my website. New security hole is discovered almost every other week in Wordpress as well as from its vast pool of third-party plugins. No matter how much attention you put on Wordpress you are likely to be just behind the curve. If you like scripting, programing, updating and doing admin task, Wordpress is for you, otherwise it become an uninspiring and tiresome task that leaves little time and motivation for blogging or photography.

The second option is host it with and let them handle the admin task. However just a quick check around also rule out this option. The free platform on has a lot of limitations and if you opt for the paid one it quickly adds up and become the expensive option. This one is also not the best choice where security is concerned after doing a search with the words "hack" and "wordpress".  The results made me want to quickly get out from there and go to the following option.

Choosing another CMS platform will take time and effort to learn and there is no guarantee that it could be better than Wordpress. There is also the Tumblr blog - this one is interesting I am still  checking it out to see why it is call microblogging and how it compares to regular blog platform.

So these lead me to Google Blogger and mostly for two big reasons - reliability and security. There is no need to sign up for Blogger, almost everyone has a Google account and from there you just need to activate Blogger on your account. Moving the text from Wordpress to Blogger is not difficult; what is needed is the "export file" from your Wordpress. I have them backup on my desktop computer so no problem with that and next just reformat the "export file" to Blogger format. Moving the images are more tedious. I need to get them from my PC and match the exact image that was used for the particular blog post and upload them one by one to Blogger and re-input the captions and metadata. That takes time and but that is all to it. 

I like to thank the following website with contents that helped me come to this decision quickly and provide details on how to move from Wordpress to Blogger. The first one is from an Internet security guy, the second one makes everything "look" so easy and the third one is interesting. - Why and How to Shift from WordPress to Blogger -  Moving From WordPress to Blogger - Why I Switched from Self-Hosted WordPress to Blogger

So we are now on the path of recovery, smile, keep calm carry a camera and have some tea and we will be back soon.

Castelton Darjeeling tea in a shining silver tea pot and a red sugar canister
A refreshing pot of Castelton Darjeeling tea in a shining silver tea pot and a red sugar canister from Betjeman & Barton Tea Room ---  Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5, Lens: Panasonic's Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH aperture at at F/3.5 shutter speed 1/60s and ISO at 100.



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