Crappy camera

I bumped into a few talented photography geniuses who claimed that they couldn't and they wouldn't know how to handle any camera if it weren't a DSLR. This could be egoism or lack of self-confidence. If they did not have a big formidable looking DSLR with them they just didn't know what to do.

Equipments should be used according to the situation and requirement. If you need a medium format camera for a pro shoot then use one. If you need to have pro equipment with you to impress your client by all means.  If not don't limit your choice - just pick up any camera that works best not necessary a DSLR. I don't think a DSLR is so easy to use or anything less than a DSLR is so complicating either.

While looking for some old photographs I found some shots I took with a crappy cheap web-cam back in early 2000s. The camera was an Umax AstraPix 380 web-cam with no LCD screen. It could double as a digicam and run on a single AA 1.5 volt dry cell. Exposure adjustment was limited to just sunny, cloudy, rainy and indoor. The camera was cheap with no image preview available when used as a digicam. The result was a hit and miss since you couldn't see the pictures while shooting and you had limited adjustment on exposure and focusing as well.
I was experimenting with it and took some photos of Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA after sending someone off to the airport.  Were the photographs from this Umax camera crappy? Maybe, the dynamic range was lacking, the lens soft, and colour fringing and flare were there.  However the camera was easy to use and there was no need for soft-focus art filters of a DSLR.  The pictures in my opinion were not great but good enough for blogging and web use.

Photography is about creativity, vision and light. Creativity is about imagination, simulating new ideas with open minds, experimenting with equipment and techniques. If  photographers are more concerned about their own personal image and the equipment they use or carry, they will only limits their creative vision. In the end equipment no matter how great will only get in their way.

KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport
KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport the pillars are shaped like a tropical palm trees. - Umax AstraPix 380

Kuala Lumpur International Airport cafeteria area
Kuala Lumpur International airport cafeteria area, is like having your meal under the cool tropical palm trees. - Umax AstraPix 380

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