Am I The Pen Fan?

I named this blog The PenFan Photo-blog. But am I really The PEN Fan? Honestly I don't think I am one or qualify as one. When the original PEN was launched 50+ years ago I was too young to bother with Olympus or the PEN.

When Olympus launched the digital PEN the E-P1 two years ago, again I didn't bother with the new PEN camera or the launching. It was only this year after the fourth Pen camera E-PL2 was launched that by chance I bought a E-P1 camera. I have never owned any Olympus PEN series before.

I have a strong interest in new camera developments.  I have been following the development of the Four Thirds as well as the Micro Four Thirds since the E-1. So I am no stranger to the new digital PEN Camera.  If I were a PEN Fan I should have become a PEN owner two years ago.

The Pen Fan
Still life photo of pens and fans. E-P1 M.Zuiko 17mm 1/8s f4 ISO800

Having used the Olympus OM System film cameras since the OM2n for over three decades,  I still hang on to my OM2n, OM3 and OM4ti.  Well, may be I am more an OM Fan. l still love my OM cameras and love manual focus OM lenses. In fact, I use OM lenses on my PEN camera.

Lately I just realised that I am actually a Fan of the late Yoshihisa Maitani-San, the legendary Olympus designer who created The PEN,  the OM system, the XA series and the Mju series of film camera. I own 3 OM cameras and 2 Mju film cameras (the Mju belongs to my wife). However the original PEN was before my time. I feel more strongly towards the E-P1 compared to the other digital PEN cameras. The E-P1 has Maitani-San's input in the final design stage. Unfortunately the great camera designer Yoshihisa Maitani-San passed away on 30 July 2009 aged 76, less than a month after witnessing the launching of the digital PEN.

I name l this blog The PenFan Photo-blog because my family name is Fan (read Fàn) and my current camera is an E-P1 digital PEN camera. The digital PEN camera is currently the hot camera in Japan. The PenFan Photo-blog sounds cool and timely too. But I am still not The PEN Fan and I know I am not.

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